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          Qingdao Heqing foundry machinery Home > About > Company Profile
          Company Profile Enterprise Concept

          Qingdao Heqing Foundry Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao West Coast Jiaonan West outer ring. It is a backbone foundry machinery enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production and operation. It is a foundry machinery production base with many varieties, complete accessories, high technical content and large production and marketing in China's foundry industry.
          The company mainly produces cleaning machinery, sand processing equipment, sand mixing machinery, magnetic separation machinery, environmental protection and dust removal equipment. The company has provided the best products for the national foundry industry, metallurgy industry, automobile industry, shipbuilding industry, construction industry, mining machinery, engineering machinery, railway locomotive industry, and can undertake design manufacturing installation debugging training after-sales service according to the user's requirements The service system of service parts supply as a whole.
          The company covers an area of 13000 square meters, with 150 employees, 35 professional and technical personnel, and 12 senior professional titles. It has improved the scientific research and development level and strong R & D strength of the enterprise. The current production process, perfect detection means and scientific management system make the enterprise always at the leading level in the domestic industry.
          We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign guests to come to our company for discussion and guidance.