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          How to use the shot blasting machine in today's society

          Release time:2020-01-03 10:27

          At the same time of cleaning the surface of the workpiece and improving the mechanical properties of the workpiece, how to make the sand blasting operator complete the sand blasting work more effectively? The automatic sandblasting room has a very good effect.
          The feature of the automatic sandblasting room is that the sandblasting operator can work indoors. The protective clothing and helmet provided by the utility model can well protect the sand blasting operator from the impact of abrasive, and the ventilation device can also enable the sand blasting operator to conduct sand blasting operation in a good operating environment.
          Generally speaking, the full-automatic sandblasting room is made of hard steel plate welded, which belongs to the gantry structure. In order to extend the service life of the full-automatic sandblasting room, the designer pastes thick wear-resistant rubber plates on the inside of the room to strengthen the thickness of the room. The lighting facilities of the full-automatic sandblasting room are dust-proof lighting system, and the ones leading to the sandblasting room are all equipped with electrical interlocking devices, and there are obvious warning lights outside the door, which is beneficial to ensure the life safety of the sandblasting operator entering the full-automatic sandblasting room. And the honeycomb floor used in it also has a special and strict design dimension. Such a design style can well let the waste abrasive in the sandblasting room fall into the floor. Under the function of the fan, it leaves the sandblasting room from the collection pipe through the material hole, which not only solves the cleaning problem in the sandblasting room, but also greatly reduces the workload of the sandblasting operator.
          Due to the preciseness and delicacy of sandblasting, many large and expensive parts are used in the automatic sandblasting equipment of the full-automatic sandblasting room. In order to bring the work convenience to the sand blasting operator, the nozzle manipulator installed in the full-automatic sand blasting room can carry out the automatic sand blasting on the surface of the parts. Even in the hard to reach area, the automatic sand blasting system can also help the sand blasting operator to do his best.
          Such advanced and convenient fully automatic sandblasting room is believed to give more help to the vast number of sandblasting operators.

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