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          Wire shot blasting machine instead of pickling

          Release time:2020-01-02 18:03

          Shot blasting machine is a kind of machine equipment used to drop sand, remove core and clean the casting. It mainly uses centrifugal force to throw the high-speed rotating shot to the surface of the casting for cleaning. Shot blasting machine is mainly composed of four parts, namely shot blasting machine, shot collection, separation and transportation system, bearing body which makes casting continuously run and overturn in shot blasting cleaning process, and dust removal system. There are many kinds of shot blasting machines in the market. According to the bearing structure of the shot blasting machine to the casting, it can't be divided into drum type, chain plate type, rotary table type, trolley type, squirrel cage type and wire type, etc. but in contrast, whether from the appearance of the equipment or from the cleaning effect and benefit rate of the equipment, or wire blasting machine is superior to other similar products.
          In order to solve the problem of low utilization rate of shot, the wire rod shot blasting machine has been improved in technology. The cleaning speed is slow, and it is not easy to connect with other devices.
          The technical scheme of wire shot blasting machine includes shot blasting machine, cleaning room, screw conveyor, lifting mechanism, separator and dust removal device.
          The wire rod shot blasting machine is characterized in that the cleaning room is internally provided with a guard board, which is mainly used to separate the cleaning room into a shot blasting room. And the shot blasting device is arranged in the shot blasting chamber, so as to build the shot blasting device in, so as to reduce the distance between the shot blasting device and the workpiece to be cleaned. The utilization ratio of projectile is fully increased, and the energy is fully utilized. The cleaning effect of wire shot blasting machine is better, and the shot blasting machine is built-in. It not only protects the motor and shot blasting machine, but also makes the structure of the whole machine more compact and reasonable. Not only the appearance is more beautiful, but also the most important is to make up for the shortcomings of the existing technology, and the cleaning effect is obvious.

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