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          S52 Series Centrifugal regenerator
          Product Brief

          This machine adopts the principle of Eddy current regeneration, mainly using the rubbing between the old sand grains to achieve the purpose of peeling off the film and rounding up the sand grains, at the same time, the old sand automatically forms a cushion layer on the machine basin in the regeneration basin, protecting the regeneration basin from abrasion, the second regeneration of sand is accomplished by installing a solid sand flow impingement plate on the outside of the regeneration basin and installing a throttle plate on the outside of the regeneration basin, which can effectively ensure the reliable regeneration of sand, and the sand will not be broken in the regeneration process, and the sand particle roundness is better and more regular. The recycled sand can effectively reduce the amount of liquid material, and the lower part is equipped with a secondary air separation device, which can discharge the inert film and dust in the reclaimed sand. The machine is a secondary regeneration mechanism, the upper regeneration, after the automatic flow of old sand into the lower road regeneration machine basin, secondary regeneration, the old sand side into the air separator part.

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