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          Qingdao Heqing foundry machinery Home > Service
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          1、 After sales service:

          (1)、 "Three Guarantees" with a one-year term for product quality. During the "Three Guarantees" period, the company shall be responsible for free maintenance or replacement of all faults and damages (excluding vulnerable parts) due to normal use.
          (2)、 In case of any quality problem within the warranty period, within 24 hours after receiving the user's notice: reply by phone or fax, or dispatch maintenance personnel, and complete the maintenance within a time limit, and achieve "failure is not eliminated and cannot be withdrawn".
          (3)、 With professional after-sales service team, we have offices in Shandong (Weifang, Longkou, Linyi, Jinan), Guangzhou, Shenyang, Changchun, Xi'an, Wuhu.

          (4)、 After the warranty period, provide high-quality services and accessories.

          2、 Production strength and schedule guarantee:

          Our company has a complete range of mechanical processing and welding equipment; a machining center for processing key parts of products (such as shot blaster, etc.); a self-developed shot blasting equipment for shot blasting of products' plate weldments; a skilled casting, machining, plate welding, power distribution technical workers and installation team with rich practical experience.

          3、 Guarantee measures:
          (1)、 The product is designed by experienced engineers and reviewed by design drawing experts to ensure the design quality;
          (2)、 The product shall never be subcontracted to a third party for production;
          (3)、 Parts of the product:
              I. all raw materials such as steel plates and profiles are purchased from well-known manufacturers;
              II. Accessories / standard parts (such as bearings, motors, reducers, etc.) shall be purchased from well-known manufacturers as much as possible, or the manufacturer shall be designated by the user according to the use and maintenance conditions;
              III. castings are produced by large foundry in China with high quality and low price. At the same time, when entering our company, the professional quality inspection personnel will check; Ⅳ other parts (including plate welding parts, processing parts, etc.) will be completed in the company to control the manufacturing quality. V. domestic high-quality (or imported, according to the user's requirements) products shall be used for electrical components, and foreign brands (Omron, Mitsubishi or Siemens, etc.) products shall be selected for PLC to ensure the automatic control level.
          (4)、 The design and quality inspection personnel shall establish a special quality supervision group to ensure the manufacturing quality;
          (5)、 Long time load test run of key components (such as shot blaster, etc.) in the factory;
          (6)、 For large-scale non-standard equipment, after the completion of equipment manufacturing, the user shall carry out the preliminary acceptance in the factory for all functional parts of the product, and the equipment will be delivered only after it is qualified.
          (7)、 Guarantee the supply of spare parts for the ex factory products.